Fourreau & Associates, an expert fundraising firm, works with cultural, scientific and sports institutions in France and abroad. Depending on the needs of our customers, their territory of intervention and the financial objectives, we mobilize multiple tools :

  • Philanthropy which is a fiscal tool applicable only in France since the 2003 law.

  • Sponsorship which is generally dedicated to events and actions abroad.

  • The partnership of notoriety that often comes in support of the two previous tools.

For 15 years, we have been accompanying our clients and adapting our methodology to their needs. Our job is to create synergies between projects of general interest and companies wishing to invest in them. We intervene in the definition and the set up of the strategy; we also support our clients in the operational implementation of the fundraising.

For this we rely on:


  • Mastery of legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • Constant monitoring.

  • Accompaniment and management of complex projects.

  • Fine knowledge of the actors of the general interest.

  • Strategic and operational support in fundraising.

  • Development of long-term fundraising strategies.

  • Knowledge of marketing tools.

  • Mobilization of actors and networking.


  • A commercial proposal tailored to your specificities.

  • A large network of companies and foundations at regional, national and international level.

  • A proven intervention method.

  • A real operational commitment.

  • A legal service.


  • Empathy ability to work alongside the project team.

  • True sense of the general interest

  • Confirmed practice of press and public relations

  • Development of innovative and creative partnerships

  • Capacity of appropriation of the projects, and argumentation.

  • Permanent watch (economic, legal, cultural, institutional).


  • French association of fundraisers

  • CCI France International

  • Francophone Cultural Institutes

  • France Monde Express

  • Business and Communication Clubs

  • Member of ICOM